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OSIL to launch next generation Small Field Buoy at Ocean Business

OSIL to launch next generation Small Field Buoy at Ocean Business

Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL) are introducing the latest version of the Small Field Buoy at the Ocean Business show in Southampton, UK.

The platform, which is now a more manageable 55cm in diameter, also offers a more robust top section that sits higher in the water than previous platforms, meaning it is better suited to frequent redeployments in high-traffic coastal and port areas. The buoy is suitable for all applications, including scientific studies, water quality monitoring, coastal engineering projects, harbour and coastal monitoring, and maritime traffic control

The Small Field Buoy has been designed to be easy to handle, deploy and recover with an integrated grab ring, a total weight of 35kg without instrumentation and a total length of 1.8m. The central structure safely houses sensors with excellent water flow, while providing protection from collision damage.

The buoy can accommodate 4off 14W solar panels with battery back-up, datalogger and telemetry system(s), including UHF/VHF, GSM, GPRS and Satellite, with 60kg net buoyancy. OSIL provide a complete data telemetry solution, including either desk top or web-based software packages to access the data. 

OSIL produce integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. Specialising in instrumented buoy platforms, current and wave measurement systems, dredge monitoring, oil spill detection, berth management and sediment corers, OSIL offers support for systems, including instrument calibration.  


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