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OSIL awards Nortek AS partnership status

OSIL awards Nortek AS partnership status

UK-based systems integrator Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL) has awarded Nortek AS status as an approved partner. For over twenty years, Nortek has been known for the development and manufacture of acoustic Doppler instrumentation. Nortek’s industry-leading Doppler technology has long been used to understand physical processes in the ocean, as well as in rivers, lakes and laboratories.

OSIL has therefore produced and installed hundreds of systems that integrate Nortek equipment, and the approved partner status is a natural evolution of this long-standing collaboration. While data buoys represent the majority of systems installed, OSIL also has vast experience with producing seabed mounting frames (with optional gimbals), and other bespoke mooring, deployment and profiling systems for more unique monitoring requirements.

OSIL produces integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. The company specialises in instrumented buoy platforms, current and wave measurement systems, dredge monitoring, oil spill detection, berth management and sediment corers. OSIL also offers support for such for systems, including instrument calibration. 

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