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OSIL equipment withstands hurricane Ophelia

OSIL equipment withstands hurricane Ophelia

University College Cork have reported that a network of field-based Remote Turbidity Stations manufactured by Ocean Scientific International Ltd have “survived a battering from hurricane Ophelia”.


Gerard Morgan, manager of the Aquatic Services Unit at the Environmental Research Institute (University College Cork, Ireland) informed OSIL that the systems were performing as intended and continually reporting real-time data throughout “the worst storm in Ireland for more than a generation”.


The self-contained systems also unintentionally recorded an unprecedented data-set; an “intense run-off event” that was predicted by the Met Office which could provide a unique insight into the effects of the storm.


The sampling sites in the South West of Ireland were one of the first locations to experience the full force of the winds that exceeded 96mph (156kph) in places, demonstrating that OSIL bespoke integrated systems are some of the most robust and reliable monitoring systems available globally.  

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