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Barometric Pressure Sensor OMC-506

The OMC-506 Barometric Pressure Sensor is a high precision sensor with which Observator can guarantee an accuracy of ± 0.5hPa / 0.05% FS. This sensor is often used on board offshore platforms within met systems, within the Obsermet OMC-410 MultiMet Sensor and various other applications. The OMC-506 is based on a stable, floating piezoresisitive transducer and a micro-processor with build in 16 bit D/A converter.


It is recommended that each new installation is fitted with a Signal Conditioning Unit OMC-183 which is also available through OSIL.




High accuracy 0.5hPa / 0.05% FS

Temperature compensated

Range 800..1100 hPa (on request 600..1100 hPa)

RS485 output and 4..20 mA output

Low power consumption

Fast response

Excellent Long term stability





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