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Meteorological Display OMC-938

Observator's OMC-938 digital weather display unit is specially designed to easily read wind speed and wind direction and four other parameters. The wind direction is indicated within an LED circle. Inside this circle sits a three digit digital display indicating the wind speed. A second three-digit display located in the lower right corner provides maximum or minimum wind information indicated by LED’s in front of the display.


The wind information can be displayed in m/s, knots, mph, km/h or Beaufort. Selection of these units can easily be made using the MENU option within the integrated membrane keys. Another MENU option is the choice of the averaging interval, which can be set at 2 minutes, 10 minutes or another other “user” programmed interval. When not in the MENU mode the up and down keys are used for brightness control or gust reset.


The OMC-938 is suited to the OMC-410 MultiMet Sensor and the OMC-160 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor. It can also be used with other sensors, however it requires an OMC-183 Signal Conditioning Unit to measure parameters other than wind, which is available through OSIL.



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