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10 MHz Laboratory ADV

SonTek’s 10-MHz ADV is a versatile, robust, high-precision acoustic Doppler velocimeter used to measure water velocity and turbulence in rivers, estuaries, the ocean or the laboratory. The 10MHz ADV uses acoustic Doppler technology to measure velocity and turbulence in a sampling volume of 0.25 cm3 located a fixed distance from the probe. The velocity range is programmable from ±3 to ±250 cm/s and data can be acquired at sampling rates up to 25 Hz. The ADV has an accuracy of ± 1% measured velocity.

The three main elements of the ADV are the probe, the signal conditioning module, and the processor. The probe is attached to the conditioning module, which contains low-noise receiver electronics enclosed in a submersible housing. The ADV conditioning module and probe are connected to the processing module using a custom shielded cable up to 20 m long.


The 10-MHz ADV is a proven, accurate solution for high-precision, 3-axis (3D), velocity measurements in a wide variety of settings. In comparison to laser Doppler systems which are much higher in price, the performance of the ADV has fared well. In addition, the ADV is extremely simple to set up and users will be taking high quality data within minutes of receiving the system.



  • Lab Model
  • Uses a desktop PC for power and data storage
  • Sensor mounted on a 40 cm stem
  • Standard cable length to PC: 10 m
  • Field Model
  • Self-contained processor in splash-proof or underwater housing
  • Sensor mounted on 25 cm stem
  • Standard cable length to processor: 10 m

Analogue and serial outputs 

  • Options:

    Analogue outputs for Lab models
  • Analogue input module for synchronizing external sensors with Lab models
  • Saltwater protection package
  • Rechargeable batteries for field models
  • Several probe configurations available
  • Strain-gage pressure sensor
  • Resonant pressure transducer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Compass/tilt sensor


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