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The Minos SVP was designed for Ocean Professionals completing vertical profiling from small launches or boats. It is the only profiler on the market that can be entirely fitted with Xchange sensors, meaning that all sensors can be swapped in the field. The instrument need never return to the factory for calibration.


At half the size of the SV Plus v2, the Minos is easier to handle and the LED light gives a clear indication of the instruments status, be it logging, or low on battery.


Like all of Applied Microsystems sound velocimeters, the SVP directly measures the time-of-flight of an acoustic ping. Time-of-flight measurement technology is between 5 and 10 X more accurate than traditional CTD based sound velocity equations.



  • Small - half the size of the SV Plus v2, the Minos SVP has a diameter of 75.7 mm, and length of 553.7 mm.
  • LED indicator – Flashing light indicates when instrument is logging and when battery is low.
  • Sample rates of 25 Hz


  • Sound Velocity - +/- 0.05 m/s
  • Pressure - +/- 0.05%Fs


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