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Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Sensor

Second generation Hach LDO sensor technology.


Since 2002, Hach has established itself as the premier provider of luminescent dissolved oxygen (LDO) technology, and only Hydrolab Series 5 sondes feature Hach LDO technology – designed, manufactured, and supported by Hach in Loveland, Colorado. Now in its second generation, the Hach LDO sensor for Hydrolab sondes is better than ever. 



No membranes
Calibrations that last
Superior accuracy
Compact housing allows complete integration into any sonde – DS5X, DS5, or even MS5
No glue, exposed fasteners, metal, seams, or moving parts


No membranes so concerns about air bubbles, 24-hour membrane relaxation, and the art of maintenance are a thing of the past
Calibrations that last without drift means that deployments will last longer, reducing frequency of trips to the field for maintenance, saving you time and money
Does not consume oxygen so passive fouling will not affect DO readings
Best accuracy because solid, defendable data is the ultimate goal
Designed, manufactured, and supported by Hach Hydromet, the experts in LDO technology
Robust design for long-lasting performance

Technical Specifications


0 - 60* mg/L
* Exceeds Maximum Natural Concentrations

+/- 0.1 mg/L at <8 mg/L
+/- 0.2 mg/L at >8 mg/L
+/- 10% reading >20 mg/L

0.01 mg/L

DataSonde 5X

DataSonde 5

MiniSonde 5

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