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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The Hydrolab Dissolved Oxygen sensor is based on a standard Clark Cell design, which is EPA approved, and has been trusted for over 30 years.


Design based on a standard Clark Cell design, and paired with a sample circulator
Measures the current resulting from the electrochemical reduction of oxygen diffusing through a selective membrane
Provides a continuous, steady-state reading


Low maintenance – no need to "recondition" the sensor
Complies with Standard Methods Article 4500-OG and EPA article 360.1 that require sufficient sample flow across the membrane
Circulator also improves response time for all sensors and helps to sweep away traces of pH electrolyte

Technical Specifications


0 to 50 mg/L
+/- 0.2 mg/L for 20mg/L or less
+/- 0.6 mg/L for over 20 mg/L
0.01 mg/L

DataSonde 5X

DataSonde 5

MiniSonde 5

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