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Li-Cor Ambient Light Sensor

Hydrolab's Ambient Light sensor, also called a Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor, provides a measurement of sunlight intensity at a specified point in the water column.


Available as a single PAR sensor or a dual-PAR sensor for applications in which a surface light sensor is needed for reference measurement
Available in flat or spherical form depending on the desired light measurements


Provides a real-time measurement of sunlight intensity, which influences biota that rely on photosynthesis for nutrition
Applications include drinking water reservoir management (algae blooms can be very expensive to remediate), monitoring of primary production (growth of organisms at the lower end of the food chain), and general study of aquatic habitat (submerged grasses and other plants).
When PAR is measured using a DataSonde multiprobe, measurements from the water column and the surface integrated with the rest of the data stream or logging record

Technical Specifications


0 to 10,000 µmol s-1m-2
± 5% of reading
1 µmol s-1m-2

DataSonde 5X

DataSonde 5

MiniSonde 5

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