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Double Van Veen Grab

The Double Van Veen Grab is designed for comparable sampling where samples for chemical and also biological analysis are required from the same site. The grabs are mounted on a common axle set 400mm apart and each bucket has the capacity to collect a sample of approximately 12L.


Both bucket tops have hinged access flaps to enable the sub sampling of the sediment contained in the buckets prior to the emptying of the grab. The grab has also been fitted with two pairs of stainless steel arms and two bridles, to provide increased tension to the buckets during the closure procedure.


Additional ballast to assist in the sampling of compacted sediments, and allowing the grab to be deployed in in strong currents, can be implemented through the use of lead ballast weights mounted on the backs of both buckets and also onto both arms.





Sampling area of 0.1M sq.

Weight in air approximately 52kgs.

24L capacity, 12L for each bucket.

Manufactured in 316 stainless steel.


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