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Signature 55

The first instrument in the Nortek Signature Series product line, the Signature55, employs AD2CP technology to extend the range of the Nortek brand of acoustic Doppler current profilers to as far as 1000 meters.

This 55/75 kHz dual frequency, true broadband instrument brings to market a host of features and benefits carefully developed around the needs of the scientists and engineers working both within academia and in the  offshore industry.  Designed with a broad range of applications in mind, including buoy mounting, Nortek built a rugged, robust system optimized for operational users, while also offering innovation in data investigation capabilities and accuracy to scientific researchers.


  • Ocean circulation, including boundary currents, interbasin exchange and transport in and out of the polar seas

  • Numerical model verification

  • Online monitoring of riser loading, with the Signature55 either platform or buoy mounted

  • Transport studies (i.e. contaminants from ocean or shore-based mining or drilling activities)

  • Renewable energy studies


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