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Geovane Soil Shear Strength Tester

The geovane is a hand-held instrument used for determining soil shear strength providing the reading in kPa. The device is simple to use. A 19mm vane blade is screwed into the base of the geovane and the vane is pushed into the soil. Simply rotate the geovane at a rate of 1 revolution per minute and take a reading off the face when the soil fails. The pointer stays in place when failure occurs, allowing you to look up the indicated reading on the supplied calibration chart to get your reading in kPa from zero to 200. Through the use of the optional 33mm vane, readings can be measured between the range of zero to 40 kPa. Extension rods are available to increase the depth measurement capabilities of the unit. The H-4221.4 Adapter is needed to attach extension rods to the geovane. The geovane is supplied complete with a 19mm vane blade, wrenches and a carrying case.

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