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OSIL Ultra Deep Current Profiling System

The system rapidly can achieve an accurate and reliable high quality real time current profile from near surface to ~3500m.

A typical skid mounted system consists of a lifting boom (or other suitable LARS) and winch for over the side deployment, a deployment frame and a downward looking low-frequency ADCP. An upwards looking high-frequency ADCP can also be incorporated into the system if required.

The deployment frame is equipped with steering fins to ensure that the system remains stable, and can be equipped with additional instrumentation to maximise the information obtained from each deployment.


  • Monitoring rapid current changes for live operations
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Regional data collection
  • Supports real-time operational decisions
  • Ocean circulation studies, including boundary currents, interbasin exchange and transport in and out of the polar seas
  • Numerical model verification
  • Transport studies of contaminants from ocean or shore-based mining or drilling activities


  • Supports real time operational decisions
  • Data displays on secure client accessible websites
  • Secure remote access to system controls


  • 316 Stainless Steel Deployment Frame
  • Stabilising fins
  • Customisable website based data display

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