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ROV Mounted Sediment Sampler

Based on the industry standard OSIL multiple corer design, this modular corer offers a simple, reliable method for collecting (multiple) samples of virtually undisturbed sediment, including the sediment/water interface, and overlying supernatent water.  Each corer module can be daisy chained with others to build an expandable system as large as required.


  • Designed for soft sediment sampling in chemical, geochemical and biological applications. 

  • Unique servo drive system allows controlled penetration to obtain the optimum sample.

  • Undisturbed sediment sample with overlying supernatant water provides a unique insight into the sediment water interface.

  • Samples are positively sealed, being capped both top and bottom, preserving the integrity of the samples.

  • The rugged frame of the corer is made of  titanium, 316 stainless steel and aluminium.

  • The core tubing can be manufactured from acrylic, poly carbonate or stainless steel, depending on requirements.

  • Ideal for rapid assessment work.

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