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Portasal Salinometer 8410A

Guildline 8410A Portasal is a truly portable, high precision instrument from the world leader in salinometers. The Portasal will deliver salinity calculations on-board ship with laboratory level accuracy. It measures accurate conductivity ratios and displays calculated salinity directly as well as measured parameters. Oceanographers require reliable shipboard salinometers to augment the sophisticated CTD’s now available and Guildline’s 8410A is the perfect solution. The enhanced computer interface capability of the 8410A, its ease of set-up and operation, along with Guildline’s reputation for quality, will ensure confidence in the integrity of your on-board salinity measurements. 


For 20 years Guildline’s Autosal 8400B has enjoyed the reputation of being the finest salinometer available. The measuring technique used in the Portasal is identical to that used in the 8400B and it combines the latest microprocessor technology with the time-tested measurement principles and reliability of the Autosal. It is housed in a compact, protected package that is easy to use while providing faster calculations and improved data logging capability. 


Careful design has ensured that the Portasal retains a high level of performance in a convenient package for field or shipboard use. The 16 character display may be configured through the keypad, or the interface, to display several parameters including conductivity ratio, salinity, temperature and reference values. The display also allows for 16 lines of header information to be entered in from the keyboard. A completely new design has evolved for the mechanical packaging incorporating requirements specifically requested by users of salinometers. These include a light yet rugged fiberglass case and front panel, quick release hose fittings for the front panel, and a new clamp/release system for holding samples under test.


The Portasal unit is considerably easier to use than earlier salinometers. The built-in intelligence permits a variety of calculations to be carried out with faster collection of data, and output to an easy to read display. Servicing and inspection are also extremely simple in this new mechanical package.


Guildline Instruments has been careful to use their extensive salinometer experience to provide a product that will be a valuable asset to any oceanographer. It is based on a measuring technique which has been time proven to be accurate and reliable.




Accuracy < ± 0.003 Salinity


Range 0.004 to 76 mS/cm


Completely portable yet offers laboratory - level accuracy


Rugged, compact enclosure


Requires only 100 ml sample volume


Easy to set up and operate


Microprocessor controlled for rapid sample time


Direct calculation of salinity


RS232C and IEEE 488 Interfaces


Expanded temperature range of 15°C to 38°C


P-Series (IAPSO Standard Seawater)

Linearity Pack

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