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Smart SV

An intelligent active sensor designed for direct measurements of sound velocity in water using an innovative technique that measures 'time of flight' of a single acoustic pulse. The SV sensor is small in size, has an extremely fast response time and a high sampling rate making it the ideal sensor for any application.


AML's Smart SV probe is a low-cost instrument ideal for measuring sound velocity during fast profiles or tow speeds. This highly adaptive probe is ideal for integration into existing data collection platforms or OEM equipment. Connect it directly to a PC and hand hauled profiles can be conducted in real-time.


The SV sensor has internal calibration coefficients and outputs real-time data to allow a “plug and play” environment. The optional addressable features provide for daisy chaining with other sensors allowing the user to create their own system. The Smart SV is now available with either AML’s hi-tech composite sensor or traditional invar-rod sensor. Invented in 2000, composite sensors eliminate path-length change due to corrosion and vibration, resulting in longer periods between calibrations. Temperature response time is immediate and range extends to 1600 m/s. On some applications, no zincs are required.



  • Sound velocity ± 0.05 m/s


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