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SV Plus v2

A lightweight, rugged, intelligent sensor for recording sound velocity, temperature and pressure profiles to depths of 5000 m. The SV Plus v2 features a USB port for high-speed data download and has a user selectable sampling of 25 Hz. Field accuracy is 0.05 m/s; precision is 0.03 m/s. In contrast, instruments that calculate sound velocity using Chen & Millero or Del Grosso offer accuracies of 0.25 m/s at best.


Customers choose the SV Plus for reliability and accuracy. Each sound velocity sensor receives 700 individual calibration points carefully distributed over the sensor’s full range. The SV Plus v2 is available with either AML’s hi-tech composite sensor or traditional invar-rod sensor. Invented in 2000, composite sensors eliminate path-length change due to corrosion and vibration, resulting in longer periods between calibrations. Temperature response time is immediate and range extends to 1600 m/s. On some applications, no zincs are required.


AML has manufactured more than 3000 invar-rod sound velocity sensors, making the SV Plus a proven field partner. Used by surveyors worldwide and recommended by leading multi-beam manufacturers, the SV Plus is the industry standard for reliable sound velocity measurement.


  • Sound velocity ± 0.05 m/s
  • Temperature ± 0.05°C
  • Pressure ± 0.05% FS


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