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Salinometer Pump

Peristaltic pump unit designed and performance tested for improved sample handling on all Guildline Salinometers. The robust, water-tight unit is easily installed on Autosal or Portasal Salinometers without altering the internal pumps, plumbing or wiring. 


Using the pump increases the sample throughput by up to 30% and the self priming peristaltic action of the pump eliminates the need to seal standard seawater bottles while enabling remote samples to be measured. Several pumps may be connected to increase the pumping pressure so that remote samples can be taken from in-situ large volumes of water, e.g. laboratory tanks.


A reproducible three-speed flow rate control is provided and there is no siphon effect at zero flow. If samples are high in particulates, the pump permits the use of in-line filters. It is operated from a 12 volt D.C. supply and connection to the unit is made by means of the jack plug provided.


Autosal Salinometer 8400B

Portasal Salinometer 8410A

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