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Gravity Corer

OSIL’s Gravity Corer is a simple and reliable instrument for collecting sediment cores from coastal and deepwater sites for sample analysis. The corer uses the pull of gravity to penetrate the seabed with it’s carbon steel core barrel, which can collect samples of up to three metres in length.


OSIL’s Gravity Corer is easy to use and very cost-effective. The entire corer is made from carbon steel and is fitted with stabilising fins to ensure that the corer penetrates the seabed in a straight line. The standard lead weights supplied with the corer comprise of four layers, each weighing 67 kg. Each layer comes in two segments and the total added weight is 268 kg.

A replaceable core liner is housed within the carbon steel barrel to ensure that it is simple to remove the collected sample. The barrel is fitted with a sharpened replaceable carbon steel core cutter to ensure minimal disturbance. Sample loss on retrieval is minimised by a core catcher fitted inside the end of the barrel.

The robust design of OSIL’s Gravity Corer’s can be easily customised for a wide variety of application’s. The Gravity Corer’s simplistic design means it calls for little maintenance and can be galvanised or painted to the customers requirements.




Collects core samples of up to 3 metres in length


Totally customisable design including weights and core length


Easily replaceable carbon steel core catcher and core cutter


Easy to use and reliable


For further information on OSIL's range of Sediment Corers please read our Sediment Sampling Brochure


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