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Mooring-Free Buoy

OSIL are offering a low cost re-locatable solution as an alternative to moored buoy systems for a diverse range of applications, including oil and gas projects, dredge monitoring, and environmental monitoring.

Incorporating a variety of instrumentation including a turbidity sensor, an ADCP, or a multiparameter sonde (that can be equipped with a range of sensors including DO, pH, hydrocarbons, etc.), the mobile buoy system can be programmed to keep station, patrol a specific area, or to follow a vessel (i.e. Dredgers) using state-of-the-art GPS technology.

Data can be relayed to a base station on land or on-board a vessel via GSM/GPRS, radio or satellite, and can also be set up to relay data to a live website to allow multiple users access.

Station-keeping algorithms allow the user to set the allowable radius of drift from the desired co-ordinate, or to specify a path or route for the buoy to follow, enabling users to, for example, equip a dredger with its own easily deployable, re-locatable, dredge monitoring system, that reports data in real time.


  • Easy to transport/deploy

  • Program to keep station or follow set course

  • Easy to re-position

  • Limited hands-on time required

  • Permission for moorings not required

  • Electric only power option

  • Low maintenance & deployment costs

  • Time saving

  • Reduced potential for damage or theft



Length 2.4m 

Beam 1.2m 

Weight 450kg

Propulsion Diesel generator, battery and 2 X DC thruster in protected recesses. 

(Battery only and fuel cell option available).

Power and controls

Speed (max) 3.7 knots 

Sensor payload 20+kg

Payload power 0.2kW

Endurance 4 days

Range ~250Nm 

Control ASView 

Communications Radio/satellite


OSIL Dredge Monitor Buoy

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