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ARC Boat

The ARC-Boat is a remote controlled boat that is used to collect river and estuarine data including flow, depth and suspended sediment concentrations. The system is designed to provide clean data in flows of up to 5 m/s.

It was developed in partnership with end-users and perfected to meet their exact needs. 


  •    Moonpool for safe deployment of instrumentation
  •    Skids protect  the sensor, twin rudders, and twin propellers from damage
  •    High quality data collection with minimal under-hull air entrainment 
  •    Robust and reliable design
  •    Excellent manoeuvrability 
  •    Designed with operator safety in mind
  •    Lightweight and easy to transport
  •    Minimum 200 m remote control range
  •    Supplied with fairings and adaptor sleeves to accommodate a wide range of instruments
  •    Unique detachable bow allows for road transport in small vehicles and easy replacement in the event of impact damage


  • Water depth monitoring
  • Tidal velocity measurement
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Current profiling



Length without detachable bow

1.20 m

Overall length

1.95 m


0.18 m


0.72 m

Draft (inc. skids)

0.22 m

Deployment depth of ADCP

0.12 m

Dry weight

Main hull, deck, propulsion system and electronics

25.6 kg

Detachable bow

4.2 kg

Total unladen weight

29.8 kg

Total unladen weight with batteries

37.2 kg

Largest ADCP fitted

7.6 kg

Total weight

44.8 kg

Mooring-Free Buoy

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