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The newest generation Series 5 multiparameter probes are designed specially for measurement of water quality in surface waters, ground water and wastewater areas.

The DataSonde 5X (DS5X) allows for simultaneous measurement of up to 15 water quality parameters.
7 additional sensor inputs enable you to customise the probe for specific applications.
The central brush motor cleans all sensors before each measurement and prevents the buildup of biofilms.

The probe is ideal for long-term use, with minimal maintenance required.



  • Extremely low maintenance requirement due to the use of newest sensor technology (LDO) for oxygen measurement
  • Unique sensor technology to determine chlorophyll a and cyanobacteria
  • Versatile, since combined sensor technology enables up to 15 parameters to be detected at a time
  • System integration possible through signal outputs of RS-232 and SDI-12
  • Two year guarantee for the probes, including sensors
  • Autonomous operation through internal datalogger (approx. 120,000 measurements)

Technical Specifications

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