Rain Gauge OMC-210



Observator’s OMC-210 Rain Gauge is used to measure rainfall and it is designed to work under extreme conditions with high precision and reliability.

The instrument consists of a catchment funnel (inside diameter 22.57 cm, 400 cm²) and is in accordance with W.M.O. recommendation. The funnel is precision made to provide the correct area and is shaped to avoid any loss of raindrops. It funnels rainwater to a gold plated double bucket, which accumulates the water and which when full, tips over and empties.

When the bucket tips, a reed contact mounted beside the bucket is activated by a magnet and generates a signal. The bucket tips only when a precise amount of water has been collected. Two-bucket sizes are available for this instrument, 0.1 or 0.2 mm which relates to 4 or 8 cubic centimeters of rain respectively.

The water from the bucket passes through stainless steel pipes and leaves the instruments via outlets in the base plate. These outlets are screened with stainless steel mesh to prevent the ingress of leaves, debris or insects.

Data Sheet