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In 1995, AML pioneered time-of-flight sound velocity. In March of 2008, we launched the market’s first – and only – field-swappable sound velocity sensor.

Today, we are the vendor of choice for sound velocity measurement for a wide range of marine survey organizations and manufacturers of multi-beam, single-beam, intrusion detection, and USBL / LBL positioning systems.

Have a Base•X₂ SVP or Minos•X SVPT for profiling and a Micro•X SV for SV correction at the multibeam transducer? The SV•Xchange sensors on each instrument are interchangeable.

Want to calibrate the SV•Xchange™ on the Micro•X SV installed at the multibeam transducer? Unscrew SV•Xchange™ and leave Micro•X installed. If you have a spare sensor, screw it on and you are ready to resume surveying.


Technical Specifications

  • Parameter Sound Velocity
  • Depth Rating 6000 m
  • Range 1100-2000 m/s 1375-1625 m/s ᵃ 500-2000 m/s
  • Response Time 20 ms (sample duration 47 μs)
  • Accuracy (+/-) 0.025 m/s ᵍ
  • Precision (+/-) 0.006 m/s ᶠ
  • Length 87 mm (3.44″)
  • Diameter 32 mm (1.25″)
  • Resolution 0.001 m/s

Data Sheet

ᵃ Standard range
ᵇ Will over-range to 100 mS/cm. Inquire for specifications.
ᶜ Will over-range to 60 ⁰C. Inquire for specifications.
ᵈ Digital auto-ranging
ᵉ When deployed with UV•Xchange™
ᶠ For standard range only. 0.02 m/s for other ranges.
ᵍ For standard range only. 0.5-1.0 m/s for other ranges.
ʰ At 1 m/s flow