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With an extended range of -5 to 45 ⁰C and a thin-walled, monolithic titanium tip that enables a fast response time, T•Xchange™ is a high performance temperature sensor in a modular form.

The oceanographic industry’s only field-swappable temperature sensor contains embedded electronics where calibration coefficients are stored. Sensor-heads can be moved from instrument to instrument without impacting field accuracy.


Technical Specifications

  • Parameter Temperature
  • Depth Rating 6000 m
  • Range -5-45 ⁰C ᶜ
  • Response Time 100 ms
  • Accuracy (+/-) 0.005 ⁰C
  • Precision (+/-) 0.003 ⁰C
  • Length 90 mm (3.53″)
  • Diameter 23 mm (0.9″)
  • Resolution 0.001 ⁰C

Data Sheet

ᵃ Standard range
ᵇ Will over-range to 100 mS/cm. Inquire for specifications.
ᶜ Will over-range to 60 ⁰C. Inquire for specifications.
ᵈ Digital auto-ranging
ᵉ When deployed with UV•Xchange™
ᶠ For standard range only. 0.02 m/s for other ranges.
ᵍ For standard range only. 0.5-1.0 m/s for other ranges.
ʰ At 1 m/s flow