Temperature Sensor


Observator’s air Temperature Sensor OMC-443 provides an accurate measurement of temperature using a Pt100 sensing element. A built-in amplifier is provided with a 4…20 mA output which corresponds with –40 to +60 °C. The OMC-443 has a 1” NPT connection and fits in the OMC-422 Radiation Shield.

The OMC-422 Natural Aspired Anti-Radiation Shield is a naturally ventilated, multiplated shield, designed for ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors. The convenient size and weight of this type make it useful for a wide range of applications and it is recommended for all new installations.


Measuring range –40°C to +60°C

Accuracy < ± 0.3°C

Reproducibility < ± 0.1°C

Time constant 10 sec.

Measuring system Pt100, DIN class A

Data Sheet