UV•Xchange Biofouling Control


UV•Xchange prevents biofouling during long-term, in-situ deployments. By bathing critical surfaces in ultraviolet (UV) light, UV•Xchange inhibits marine growth. Comparative studies show UV•Xchange to be as effective as leading chemical protection methodologies, such as bis(tributylin)oxide (TBT), at eliminating drift due to biofouling in CTDs and multi-parameter instruments. By eliminating biofouling-induced drift, UV•Xchange allows sensors to perform to their full potential for the duration of long-term, in-situ deployments. Cabled UV brings the same solution to other subsea equipment, such as:


camera lenses



sonar heads

third party sensors

Key Benefits

Environmentally friendly: Does not use chemicals or reactive coatings.

No moving parts: Greater reliability compared to wipers and plungers.

Non-contact: Will not damage sensitive lenses or other fragile objects requiring protection.

Data Sheet