Wind Speed and Direction Sensor – IS – OMC-150


Observator’s OMC-150 combines an in-line windspeed and direction sensor. The system is robust, corrosion resistive and easy to install. The OMC-150 is an intrinsically safe version of the OMC-160.

The wind speed sensor is a rotary-cup type unit, made in stainless steel; rotation of the cup-unit generates pulses with the aid of a proximity switch. The wind direction sensor is a wind vane type unit made in stainless steel. The wind vane drives a sin/cosine potentiometer.

The mounting bracket can be clamp mounted on a vertical pipe with an external diameter between 35 and 60 mm using two U-bolt clamps. A watertight cable plug is mounted on the bracket.

The OMC-158 Zener Barrier Box is recommended with all new sensor purchases and can be ordered in the options for IS Wind Speed and Direction Sensor category. It consists of an aluminum case containing the interface printed circuit board and three safety barriers.


High accuracy sensor according W.M.O.

Cenelec approved EN 5014 & EN 50020 Eex ia LLc T5

Permitted in Zone 0,1 and 2

High reliability in every environment

All exposed parts in stainless steel 316

Plugged connection

Most cost effective solution for wind measurement in hazardous areas

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