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The process of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking), where gas is extracted from shale rock, poses a potential threat to the surface and ground level water network. The quantities of chemicals and minerals used in the extraction process, along with the huge volumes of water required, mean that implementing a reliable fracking monitoring process is crucial.

OSIL offer various real time monitoring systems for hydrocarbonswater quality, etc. for fracking operations. Instruments can be set up to continuously monitor and autonomously record changes to the surface and ground water system providing real time data that can be transmitted via telemetry, to web and online.

Monitoring of the aquifer water network can also be achieved through the use of field instruments with a small diameter allowing them to easily fit down a 2-inch well. Process (sampling) monitors enable data to be collected on a variety of parameters relating to flow back water.

Collecting vital baseline data in order to understand the regional surface and groundwater system prior to drilling can be achieved through the use of multiparameter monitoring equipment.

OSIL offers:

  • Systems tailored to individual project requirements
  • Real-Time and recorded data
  • Global deployment and recovery experience
  • Experienced field personnel
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • High data return rates

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