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OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd) was originally established in 1989 to take over the operation of the IAPSO Standard Seawater Service, and are the world leading authorities on salinity measurement.

The natural progression from the sale of seawater was for OSIL to sell associated instruments such as salinometers, sound velocity sensors and CTDs. As a result OSIL established its own in-house service and calibration facilities to offer full support for the equipment being sold. From this position of knowledge we began to offer our own integrated monitoring systems, as we were in a unique position to be able to offer our customers the best selection of instruments available from top manufacturers. We moved from our original offices in Petersfield in 2006 to our existing facilities in Havant to accommodate our growing reputation for providing high quality, reliable systems. This demand has consistently outgrown the market for standalone sensors enabling our company to develop and expand our own product line.

OSIL’s customer base covers a wide range of sectors including dredging, oil and gas, renewable energy, coastal engineering, ports and harbours, marine mining, water and utilities, academia, research and statutory monitoring.

OSIL are experts in the manufacture, global supply and operation of a wide range of systems including:

Current and wave measurement systems
Instrumented Buoy platforms
Dredge monitoring
Oil spill detection
Berth management
Scour monitoring
Sediment corers to full ocean depth

OSIL provide individually tailored integrated real-time data systems for environmental monitoring and MetOcean data acquisition which deliver reliable turnkey end to end data with multiple telemetry options


The needs of our customers drives our whole business forwards

We are devoted to reducing lead times, either through investment in stock, in-house manufacturing, or through improving supplier relationships

Every system is fully tested prior to shipment so you can be confident it will perform in the field

As an SME OSIL is small enough to be able to react quickly to changing requirements, but large enough to have sufficient momentum to meet customers’ needs.

Product Design

All OSIL systems are designed and manufactured in house to enable us to meet the specific project requirements.

This policy requires a diverse range of skills in our staff, not to mention specialist knowledge in specific fields, such as software, electronics, mechanical design, CNC engineering, not to mention scientific staff.

Manufacture & Test

Our in-house engineering department and CNC machining facilities allow us to prototype, develop and deliver products to the market quicker, and produce uniquely customized equipment.

Our production department is equipped with full physical and environmental testing facilities, and full end to end programming and data test facilities.

Site Installation, Training & Support

OSIL deliver simple solutions to complex problems that are easy to operate & maintain in the field. OSIL provides installation assistance, training and support for clients.

Service & Calibration

We recognize that the shipment of a system is only the start of our relationship with a customer, not the end, and all systems are backed up by full in-house support, calibration and servicing of instrumentation, available from our experienced in-house Marine Instrument Service and Calibration Centre.