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OSIL specialise in providing unique integrated engineered systems that are tailored to customer’s specific requirements. From fully instrumented data buoys and floating platforms, to seabed frames and lander for current monitoring and seabed data collection, water sampling systems that are mounted to and triggered by ROVs, or sediment coring systems, such as the 60m Jumbo (Giant) Piston Corer or the 9m modular Vibrocorer, OSIL can provide clear solutions to the most ambiguous and ambitious of projects.

OSIL’s in house engineering department and CNC machining facilities allow us to prototype, develop and deliver products to the market quicker and produce uniquely customized equipment. Our production department is equipped with full physical and environmental testing facilities, and full end to end programming and data test facilities including UHF/VHF, GSM/GPRS, 3G/4G & satellite communications.


Customers approach OSIL with a problem/requirement to which we propose viable solutions. These are interpreted as CAD drawings, which can be further rendered as 3D models or 3D prints for approval.


Our in-house engineering facilities enable rapid prototyping and proof of concept testing to demonstrate the feasibility of the suggested solutions, with the ability to amend, redesign & finalise the design quickly.


A range of finishes are available for our products, including:

• Painting
• Galvanising
• Electropolishing
• Powder coating
• Epoxy coating
• Anodising (hard)
• Beadblasting


All systems are manufactured and assembled in-house, with a full Manufacturing BOM (Bill Of Materials) available if required.


OSIL offer full FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)/HAT (Harbour Acceptance Test)/SAT (Sea Acceptance Test) trials to clients. All OSIL systems can be designed and built to meet certification requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Registry of Shipping, the U.S. Coast Guard, Bureau Veritas or other certifying agencies.


  • OSIL ship worldwide with bespoke packing, transport and logistics available for “ugly freight”. OSIL can accommodate various Customs Documentation requirements, including:
  • • EUR 1 Forms
  • • Certificates of Origin
  • • Legalised Documents
  • • CAP entries – electronic
  • • T2L forms
  • • ATR 1 Forms

OSIL Solutions

  • Systems tailored to individual project requirements
  • Real-Time and recorded data
  • Global deployment and recovery experience
  • Experienced field personnel
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • High data return rates
  • Winches & Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS

Recent Projects

  • Skid Mounted Deep Current Monitoring System
  • Giant Piston Corer
  • Arctic Iridium ADCP Link
  • IP-based CCTV & VOIP System
  • Scour monitoring for offshore platforms
  • Deep Sea Moorings
  • Seabed Frames
  • Seabed Camera
  • Subsea Electrical Housings
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Seabed Lander