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OSIL’s Micro Field Buoy is a cheap, quick and easy way to ensure constant and immediate data collection when other systems are out of action, or where an environmental situation requires monitoring.

The 30cm diameter buoy is designed to alert users to unexpected rises in water quality parameters. Its compact size and weight make it ideal for one person to handle in the field, and its single point mooring makes for easy deployment and recovery.

Manufactured using a hard anodised marine grade aluminium hull, the Micro Field Buoy is built with a central deployment frame designed to safely accommodate a turbidity sensor, multiparameter sonde or similar instrument, while providing protection from collision damage.

Designed for deployments of up to 1 month, the Micro Field Buoy carries sufficient batteries to power instrumentation, telemetry (GSM/GPRS/3G) and a CR1000 data logger. Weighing just 15 kg and having a total length of 1.5m, this buoy is easy for one person to handle and deploy.


  • Web connection for automatic data harvesting
  • GPRS/GSM Telemetry
  • Data can be transmitted to mobile devices, vessels, or remote users
  • Can be equipped with a range of multiparameter sondes, turbidity or dissolved oxygen sensors to suit specifications




Total Length 1.5m
Diameter 30cm
Net Buoyancy 20kg