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The detection of petroleum products, including crude oil, diesel/fuel oil, motor oil, lube oil, gasoline, food oils etc. near the water surface is widely required in industrial and environmental applications. A timely alert enables countermeasures, not only limiting damage to the environment, but also reducing costs for remediation and clean-up. The system pays for itself with the first spill prevented.

The Remote Optical Watcher sensor is installed looking downwards, up to 10m meters above the water level. The sensor technology is based on fluorescence excitation and detection. Due to very low power consumption it is possible to use directly connected to AC or via a solar panel / battery set-up, the unit can be continuously unattended and requires almost no maintenance. The system automatically filters out ambient conditions (e.g. sunlight), providing highly reliable detection under all light, weather and water surface conditions.

In case of a spill, the Remote Optical Watcher provides an instant warning, enabling users to activate countermeasures, e.g. shutting off pumps or valves and notify personnel via a variety of interfaces and wireless options. The Remote Optical Watcher is designed and manufactured for deployment in rugged settings. The non-contact installation above water eases installation and operation and eliminates problems such as bio-fouling. Remote Optical Watcher sensors can be used as stand-alone monitors or within a network of strategically mounted sensors interconnected by the Remote Optical Watcher software.


The Remote Optical Watcher sensor can be fitted to the OSIL range of data buoys to further protect remote areas.



•Real-time around-the-clock detection and control of oil spills for
◦    Petrochemical industry, pipelines
◦    Harbours
◦    Desalination, intake protection
◦    Aquaculture
•Fresh, brackish or saltwater environments
•Highly effective UV LED-based excitation
•Cost effective, virtually maintenance free
•Non-contact measurement to avoid biofouling
•Flexible configuration of data output
•Multiple interfaces for network connectivity
•Ruggedized design (IP68)


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 66 x 8 x 8 cm
Weight 1.7kg
Observed area at fixed position 1m²