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The non-contact oil spill monitoring systems can be terrestrial or aquatic (using moored floating buoy platforms or fixed stations in shallow waters), and individual sensors can be networked together to cover multiple locations, with a single secure login to view all data.

The sensors are equipped with a pulsed UV LED beam and optical photo-detector with on-board software to enable immediate and autonomous detection of spills in vulnerable areas. The instruments can detect a variety of hydrocarbon based substances, even under harsh weather conditions, and can be set up to ignore other materials that fluoresce in the same wavelength. The systems can also be equipped with additional sensors (for water quality parameters, current monitoring, meteorological conditions, etc.).

The presentation of data can be easily configured with the powerful visualisation tools available on the data portal, and scheduled reports can be shared securely over ftp or email, or live data can be accessed using a password protectable direct URL link. Data security and privacy are assured with the highest levels of digital and physical security protecting the data centres

A unified alarm system allows notifications to be sent via email and text alert & the data portal will display the trigger data and alert on login. Alerts to issues with data collection and/or battery charging can also be incorporated.

OSIL engineers can provide customers with an installation service complete with full training in the operation and maintenance of the equipment and on-going system support.

For further information or sales enquiries please contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2392 488 240.