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OSIL’s reputation for providing cost effective, proven data buoy systems on time and within budget was a significant factor in the award. Other contributing factors included the ability to feed the data from the buoy directly into the client servers via Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD), and the ability to use the clients existing sensors to help minimise costs.

The Tern buoy hull design incorporates a stainless steel sub frame with a moon pool for instrument protection, and its modular manufacture makes the buoy easy to ship and assemble on-site following delivery. The twelve buoys are set up to communicate via Iridium SBD with an onboard GSM option to further reduce operational costs when the buoys are moved closer inshore as the project progresses.

These buoys will join a large number of existing OSIL dredge monitoring networks, with well in excess of 500 data buoy systems now installed worldwide. The OSIL buoys have proved highly successful due to their robust nature and small, manoeuvrable size enabling dredging operators to follow the dredge plume as the works progress.

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