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Leading international oceanographic manufacturers Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) offer an ever-expanding collection of inshore sediment sampling equipment to assist with coastal studies.

OSIL’s superior selection of efficient and high-quality smaller capacity benthic samplers now includes a rechargeable standalone mini vibrocorer for dense and compacted sediments, a mini box corer that enables direct sub sampling on recovery of the corer and sample, and a mini multiple corer that perfectly preserves the sediment sample including the sediment/water interface and the overlying supernatant water.

OSIL also offer a diverse assortment of standard grabs, including the Van Veen grab, Offset Day grab and Smith McIntyre grab, which are available in various capacities and bucket configurations with optional ballast weights available for increased penetration. Landing tables, bucket sieves and sieving tables are available to aid sample recovery and processing for more complex designs.


The robust compact sampler range compliments OSIL’s catalogue of larger volume sediment sampling equipment. This helps further cement OSIL’s philosophy of the design and manufacture of unique, innovative technology to monitor the ocean environment.

For further information or sales enquiries please contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2392 488 240.