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Leading international marine systems manufacturers Ocean Scientific International Limited (OSIL) have supplied a network of 1.2m data buoys to offshore construction company Van Oord to monitor turbidity and dissolved oxygen levels in the location of dredging operations.

A total of 9 data acquisition systems have been produced for the global contracting company, and the fully integrated multi-discipline data buoy networks will support dredging operations by providing continuous real-time information about the dredge plume and surrounding environmental conditions.


The buoys are equipped with water quality sondes provided from Van Oord’s existing equipment pool, and relay collected data via GSM with an Iridium satellite Short Burst Data (SBD) back up.


OSIL data buoys can be equipped with a multitude of instruments and sensors, from measuring basic parameters such as water temperature, current and wave measurements, atmospheric pressure and salinity, to hydrophones, subsea cameras, or sensors for nutrients, pollutants, oxygen and CO2 levels, or Chl-a and PAR.


The systems are self-contained, being furnished with sufficient solar power (which can be combined with alternative power sources) and back-up batteries to sustain the power demands of the systems. Data can be relayed from the buoys immediately and securely via GSM, radio or satellite, to a secure webpage or internet enabled device.


OSIL now have well in excess of 800 data buoy systems worldwide, and are a leading manufacturer of marine environmental monitoring and sampling systems.



For further information or sales enquiries please contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2392 488 240.