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A simple solution to the problem of sampling dense/compacted sediments in off-grid areas & with limited handling capabilities.

For use in dense/compact sediments in up to 50m water depth.

The easy to assemble system offering cores of 2m, and can be assembled dockside or on vessel with over stern or side deployment.

Suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes starting from ~4-5m.

The variable speed vibrator motors engage once the unit is on the sea floor to drive the core barrel into the bed.

Cutting shoe and core catcher specifically designed to minimise sample disturbance.

Unit designed for easy recovery to the vessel or deployment platform, and easy recovery of the core.

System can be can be quickly and easily deployed, delivering a well defined core.

Carbon steel construction.

PVC Core barrel liner.

60.5mm diameter sample.


Specifications - Corer

  • Height - 2.75m
  • Weight - 65kg (no sample)
  • Vibration force - 5.72kN
  • Barrel length - 2m
  • Material - Carbon Steel
  • Core liner ID - 60.5mm
  • Max. working depth - 50m


  • Threaded Carbon Steel Barrel with rotational barrel joint for easy recovery
  • Anti-return valves
  • Core cutter
  • Core catcher
  • Self-contained operation
  • Waterproof control box
  • On/off & Variable speed control switches
  • Rechargeable from mains (24VDC to VAC charger included)
  • Operable from 24VDC 12A vessel supply

Specifications - Power & Control Box

  • Power - 150Ah 24VDC Gel-Cell Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight - 40kg

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