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Performance Evaluation (PE) samples are designed to be used as part of an ongoing quality assurance programme.

These uniquely coded samples are supplied unknown to laboratories for analysis. After analysis the laboratory-determined value is sent to OSIL who issue a certificate showing the true value, the analysts’ value and any error.

PE samples for salinity, phosphate, silicate, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia are available. Each sample carries a label quoting its unique sample reference number.

The salinity samples are provided in glass bottles (230 ml) and the nutrients samples in 50 ml plastic bottles. The Salinity samples are accurately measured to 0.001 in salinity and comprise of normal open ocean surface seawater. Samples of higher and lower salinity can be supplied on request.

OSIL is certified to ISO 9001/2015 for the preparation and calibration of marine standards.


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