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OSIL offer a quick and easy data collection storage and publishing solution for environmental data acquired by different monitoring techniques and sensors. It can be provided as pure cloud-based subscription service, or as an inhouse system installed on your own servers.

In support of OSIL’s wealth of experience with manufacturing and delivering IOT platforms OSIL can offer a wide range of solutions for providing you the ability to store environmental monitoring data securely and publish it in near real-time or historically on the web – a vital requirement for many organisations and projects. It is a semi bespoke solution built from off-the-shelf modules, so removes the complex and costly task of acquiring and implementing the technologies needed to collate, process and share these large data sets.


The solution is totally instrument and transmission independent and hence can be deployed to suit almost any application and environment. It is commonly used to display environmental and met ocean data but can include hydrocarbons and oil spill response type scenarios including alarm function.  Data is sent via GSM, IP, Iridium, UHF/VHF, Wi-Fi as the situation dictates.  The data once received can be displayed in numerous ways, including background mapping to assist spatial awareness and enable analysis.


The system is able to accept inputs from a wide range of different instruments and data is securely stored in the database, making it ideal as part of an integrated data management system.  Data may also be pushed to the cloud, making it even easier to implement and share with stakeholders. The cloud data is saved on secure servers, hosted and maintained by an OSIL  IT partner. Bandwidth and storage expands as required to ensure speed of response is maintained.


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