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Factory calibration and streamlined reference checks enable users to generate scientifically defensible data with minimal time and cost required for field maintenance. The HydroCAT-EP can be easily integrated with external data loggers and telemetry systems.

Specifically designed for long-term deployments in remote, biologically rich environments, it comes equipped with multiple anti-fouling systems. Most sensors, including pH, are protected within the unique internal flow path by EPA-approved anti-foulant devices. An integral pump minimizes the sensors' exposure to environmental waters, significantly reducing the impact of bio-fouling on sensor performance and drift. A copper faceplate and wiper protect the combination chlorophyll and turbidity sensor.

The Sea-Bird Scientific HydroCAT-EP is suited for extended deployments in remote, biologically rich environments. Seven field proven sensors are factory and field calibrated for optimal accuracy and designed for long-term data stability. Unattended, the HydroCAT-EP can measure 3 months of high-quality pH data and retain stability for 1 year from all other sensors.
Conductivity, temperature, optical dissolved oxygen, and pH are connected via an integral pump and unique flow path that is protected by EPA-approved anti-foulant devices. The combination chlorophyll and turbidity sensor is protected by a copper face plate and wiper.
All HydroCAT-EP sensors are built with field-proven electronics and calibration methodology to optimize performance.



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