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Seawater matrix salts affect the kinetics and colour intensities of the colorimetric methods widely used in the determination of dissolved nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate and ammonia).

In order to eliminate these salt effects, it is essential that working calibration solutions are prepared in a seawater matrix. Low Nutrient Seawater (LNS) can be used for the preparation of fresh standards and as a refractive-index blank. For lower accuracy work, LNS may also be used to define the zero-concentration calibration points.

Low Nutrient Seawater has defined maxima for the nutrients, phosphate, silicate, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia. Owing to atmospheric effects, the ammonia concentration, although low at the time of bottling, cannot be guaranteed.


Product Information

  • LNS is available in packs of 10 x 1 Litre bottles

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