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OSIL are the global representatives and authorised repair and  service centre for Guildline salinometers.

Guildline recommends annual servicing of the salinometers, and a full service and alignment performed every 2 years in order to maintain the accuracy of these high‐precision instruments.

The following checks are performed as standard:


Service Only

  • Check and perform maintenance on moving parts
  • Check and replace, if required, all tubing
  • Check and maintain External Pump, if fitted
  • Replace common parts if required (e.g. impeller drive belt, heater lamps, viewing bulbs, etc.)
  • Check temperature and linearity – temperature check is performed at 21 degrees and what the unit is set at when received at OSIL (it is assumed that this will be the temperature the unit is normally used at)

Service & Alignment

  • As per service only with additional checks, etc. as below
  • Check and adjust electronics, as required
  • Perform Linearity calibration (Portasal only)
  • Perform Matching & Balancing (Autosal only)

Please contact us if you would like to arrange servicing, or if you have any related enquiries regarding salinometer performance.

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