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OSIL’s Seabed Frames are designed to allow a whole range of instrumentation to be attached to their stainless steel frame which can then be lowered into the sea and rest on the seabed.

Each frame is adapted to the client’s needs and a wide range of dimensions can be catered for. The frames come complete with PVC clamps which are made to suit the instrumentation that is to be mounted on the frame.

The open-framed 316 stainless steel frames are available in various heights:

The smallest frame available has a height of 300 mm and it has been designed as an anti-trawl mount frame, ideal for mounting ADCPs on. The frame means that the ADCP can be placed on the seabed on a stable platform and be resistant to fishing trawls whilst maintaining reliable data. The larger frames are suited to studies on parameters such as turbidity as multiple turbidity sensors can be accurately fitted to the frame at varying heights.

There are two generic Seabed Frame designs:

A Square pyramid frustum with a base dimension of 1 metre.

An Octagonal pyramid frustum with a base dimension of 1.5 metres which can be split into two sections for easy transportation. This design can offer greater stability than the square version due to its octagonal base.

However, the design and dimensions of the frame is down to the client as each Seabed Frame is designed specifically for each customer.


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