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The OSIL Multiplexer is an underwater Ethernet connected sensor hub that can process and manage inputs from multiple sensors or other equipment using analogue or digital communications protocols, including Ethernet and serial comms (RS 232, 422 & 485), and convert these to a single output line.

The multiplexer is equipped with its own 48Ah battery backup and integral charge controller for re-charging via a surface buoy platform’s solar array, and has provision for user expansion and/or daisy chaining of multiple hubs.

The Multiplexer makes it possible for multiple complex inputs, such as HD video feeds to be combined into one single, easy to manage data stream

The standard pressure housing is designed to withstand 50dBar. Systems for use in deeper waters are available.

Each Multiplexer sensor hub comes complete with a seabed frame with PVC clamps which are made to suit any instrumentation that is to be mounted on the frame.


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