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A simple solution to the problem of sampling dense/compacted sediment from vessels with limited handling capacity.

Not all vessels have the capacity to deploy large sediment coring systems over the stern, so OSIL have developed a miniaturised version of their high power vibrocorer system for easy deployment from vessels of opportunity.

The system can  be operated as a standalone battery powered system (with sufficient power to run the vibrocorer continuously for ~4 hours), or can be powered from the vessel supply if available.

  • For use in dense/compact sediments in up to 50m water depth.
  • Easy to assemble system offering cores of 3m.
  • Assemble dockside or on vessel with over stern or side deployment.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes .
  • Vibrator motors engage once unit is on the sea floor to drive the core barrel into the bed.
  • Cutting shoe and core catcher specifically designed to minimise sample disturbance.
  • Unit designed for easy recovery to the vessel or deployment platform, and easy recovery of the core.
  • System can be quickly and easily deployed, delivering a well defined core.
  • Carbon steel construction.
  • PVC core barrel liner.
  • 60.5mm diameter sample.




  • Mobile Research Platforms
  • Off-grid Sampling
  • Pre-site Surveys
  • Civil Engineering

Features: Vibrocorer

  • Threaded Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Anti-return Valves
  • Corer Cutter
  • Core Catcher

Technical Specifications

  • Corer Height: 3.65m
  • Corer Weight: 215kg (no sample)
  • Corer Footprint: 182 x 105cm
  • Vibration Force: 14.8kN
  • Barrel Length: 3m
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, PVC Core Liner
  • Corer Liner ID : 66.5mm
  • Power & Control Box Power: Self-contained power supply to suit
  • Power & Control Box Weight: 50kg
  • Max Working Depth: 50m

Features: Power & Control Box

  • Self-contained Operation
  • Waterproof Control Box
  • Power Supply System to suit

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