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A compact and programmable direct drive profiling winch capable of lifting heavy loads up to 1400kg that is suitable for integration on floating platforms (i.e. data buoys) and Uncrewed Surface Vehicles.

The winch is equipped with a transparent interface for motor control and feedback.

The system can provide notification of successful docking and zeroing of the winch position in addition to payout readings, and is fitted with a level wind and an automatic internal brake.


Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 250kg
  • Dimensions (inc. connectors): 810 x 750 x 850mm
  • Motor Current Requirement: 24V DC @ 140A
  • Line Diameter: 8mm
  • Max. Line Pull: 1400kg at outer layer
  • Line Speed: ~0.2m/s
  • Drum Capacity: 250m @ 8mm
  • Brake Holding Capacity: 1400kg
  • Materials & Finishing: 316 Stainless Steel, High strength 7075 aluminium (hard anodised), Titanium
  • Bolt Pattern: User Configurable

Data Sheet

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