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The OSIL Hammerhead is an extremely lightweight, remotely controlled towed instrumentation platform designed for use with a wide variety of data collection instruments.

It provides an extremely flexible profiling system for use in estuaries, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Hammerhead is easily deployed by 1 person from virtually any size of vessel and performs at a user set depth below the surface, above the seabed or in an undulating pattern between 2 depths down to 40 – 60 m depending on conditions. Suggested towing speeds are in the range of 1 – 10 Kts, typical speeds are 3 – 8 Kts for the average field survey.


Technical Specifications

  • Towing Speed: 3-8kts (10kts max.) depending on conditions
  • Overall Length (Towbody): 75cm
  • Overall Width (Towbody): 70cm
  • Weight (in air, unladen): 14kg
  • Power: 220/110V AC
  • Operational Depth: 0-60m


  • 2 frame sizes available for mounting of larger instruments
  • Easy towing with a 5 to 10 meter power boat
  • Power 220 / 110 V AC
  • Operational depth – surface to 40-60 meters
  • GPS data recorded
  • Remote undulation control by computer
  • Profiling speeds of up to 10 knots
  • Auto bottom following and avoidance

Data Sheet

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