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The increased penetration depth of the Piston Corer has made it one of the basic tools used in the study of marine sediments.

Piston core samples are usually longer, less disturbed and more complete than those from gravity corers.

The main advantages of a Piston Corer over a Gravity Corer are the longer and less disturbed samples. The action of the piston reduces internal friction and prevents plugging. Cores up to 18m are possible in soft sediments and muds.

The system is lowered to the seabed, where the messenger operated release mechanism triggers the final free fall penetration to obtain a core sample. The mechanical trigger enables the free fall distance to be adjusted via the length of cable from clamp to counterweight.



  • Geological / Biological studies
  • Marine chemistry
  • Geochemical analysis
  • Sedimentology Exploration
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Ocean floor processes


  • Up to 6m cores
  • Trigger arm release
  • Minimal “down” time
  • Varying core lengths
  • Robust and easy to use

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Core Length: 6m (barrel sections can be 2 or 3m)
  • Barrel diameter: 88.9mm
  • Internal core diameter: 66.5mm
  • Head weight: 340kg

Data Sheet

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